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Ancient Worlds

Introducing Go-To Guides—a fun, informative, fact-filled range of one-stop guides to the fascinating world around us. Great nonfiction text is blended with cool and current design to create a complete library of information books that kids will love to read. From space and ancient history through earth science, our Go-To Guides are the perfect go-to for subjects that fascinate children.

Ancient Worlds introduces readers to the wonders of our past cultures, from ancient Egypt and Rome through ancient Greece, the Maya, and the Aztecs. This informative, vibrant, facts-at-your-fingertips series will inspire readers to explore each topic. 

Titles in the series:
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Maya
  • The Aztecs
  • Ancient China
  • The Romans
  • Ancient Greece

7–12 years


Trim Page Size:
8 x 10 ins